Classicyds Jack Russell Terriers
Caboolture, Australia
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Last Updated 21/10/2012 Copyright Melaine Attridge 2012

Whelped: 10/01/2009

Sire: Australian Champion Cyclone Out N About

Dam: Methusela April Won

Darling Marnie came to us in 2011 to join our show team and primarily to be a handlers’ dog for Jenni and for our younger children, Jack and Gabi to learn on.

When we spoke to Janice Russell and saw the pics of Marnie we just knew she would be a perfect fit in our yard.

Marnie is a very well coated rough, with just the most loving temperament you could find, and she has charmed her way into everyones’ hearts.  Clearly she is Jenni’s girl, following her around the yard and always at her feet ready for a pat.

Marnie has become Blaze’s constant yard mate and their personalities just click.  While she might be very soft and cuddly and Blaze the true terrier with lots of attitude, somehow Marnie manages to be the boss of their pen and Blaze quite happily lets her call the shots.

Marnie is such a well-behaved young lady, and while we would like to say she has no vices, she does love to dig and has managed to teach this “trick” to the youngsters at Classicyds.

We are looking forward to incorporating Marnie and her lines into our breeding programme and Jenni can’t wait to be out and showing her.

Marnie has a gorgeous head and a strong, true JRT body type.

We thank Janice Russell for letting Marnie join us at Classicyds…she is the perfect fit.

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